vendredi 21 juin 2013

Stage à Paisley

Hi guys ! 

Today, and for the two months to come, I'm in Scotland, more precisely in Paisley, near Glasgow, so I thought it would be fun to switch to the English mode. 

view from our accomodation

It's been a week we arrived [I'm with two friends from ENSEA], and still dont understand a single scottish word  [Even though they've got a very nice accent, it turns English into a very strange language, closer to the drunk language and to the swedish one than english. For real. Odd thing]. Anyway, life seems very peacefull there : we are more tired than ever [Doctors work from 10am to 4pm, so did we, until our Director told us we could come from 9am to 5pm. Terrible, isnt it ? haha] and eat all day long.
As youve certainly understood, were here for a summer internship in engineering, in Paisley's campus of the University of the West of Scotland.

Yesterday we discovered our working topic : implementing an HEVC (a new video compressing standard) on an FPGA component... WEEEEELLLLL. 
I hate VHDL and I hate more microprocessors. "This is fucking awesome".
But I like video processing and algorithm so... wait and see.

I still have one problem with this country : HOW CAN YOU STAND THIN eating so fat ?!!
Too bad, I have to eat chocolate all day long. Theyve got so weird chocolate. I must try them all. 
Cadburry, bubbly, raspberry, diabetes... *o* 

Btw ! Were such in the North that the day is almost never ending oO 
At midnight, we still see the daylight, and at 4am... again ! Amazing ~

Should I have to precise we never speak english ? There are only french students for the moment and we rarely see other people. Sounds sad, doesnt it ? 

Paisley's Abbaye

Anyway, I never felt so dumb than since I am in engineering school. I probably should stay here and start breeding sheeps . Or Clydesdale horses. I LOVE clydesdale horses *o* Even more than unicorns !!! 

And you ? What about unicorns ?

Cyaaa ~

2 commentaires:

  1. Ah, tu es donc en stage là-bas!
    Moi qui pensais que c'était un voyage comme ça.

    J'aimerais tellement aller en Ecosse!
    Leur accent m'intrigue beaucoup aussi.
    Courage, tu arriveras à cerner cela.

    Les britanniques ont du choix côté biscuits et chocolat, yumyum!
    Les digestive biscuits *_*

    Bon stage!

  2. Ouiiii c'est pas juste pour visiter =) C'est pour ça que je n'ai meme pas encore pu aller à Glasgow même ...

    C'est magnifique je te souhaite d'y aller si tu as la moindre occaz' ;]

    Ouiiii *o* Ils ont en règle générale beaucoup de choix "trop gras trop sucré trop salé" ^^"